Charity chums – causes coming together

CALM Africa stands for Children’s Rights Advocacy and Lobby Mission.

Did you know that?

That is the core message behind all of the work CALM Africa does. Through education, healthcare, social care, counselling, training and all the avenues of their work, it’s all promoting and actively improving the rights of children in Uganda.

You are more than likely reading our blog and keeping in touch with us because you are interested in the work we do to support CALM Africa. Maybe you volunteered at CALM Africa or have joined us because someone you know did and you think the work they do is very important. We certainly think they do fantastic work and that is why CFU are here. But of course, they and us are not the only ones fighting this cause.

A couple of days ago I met with another charity Director, Lisa Davis, who set up Rights International last year. Her charity is primarily focused on advocating children’s rights, through delivering children’s rights training and providing things like education and healthcare to improve children’s rights in Uganda. Much like CALM Africa does. They operate in a different area of Uganda and it was great to be able to swap stories and experiences.

A couple of months before, I also met with Richard Mathias, Director of Amazing Children Uganda. Their charity operates to find sponsors to enable street children of Kampala to enter education and get them off the streets. Again, it was so great to hear about another arm of work being done and to share our experiences.

It’s so fantastic to see great work being done, in different ways, to fight for the same cause. All of us are volunteer-led charities and share very similar difficulties as well as brilliant stories to talk about. We hope to work with these organisations in future, to combine efforts and improve our work even further. However that may or may not take shape, it’s both lovely and important to make friends with other organisations as together we can make a bigger difference. We will certainly keep in touch with both!