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Children’s Rights Advocacy and Lobby Mission, Africa

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CALM Africa is the non-governmental organisation in Uganda that Children First Uganda exists to support. CALM Africa‘s mission is our mission; to protect and promote the rights of children living in poverty in Africa.

CFU’s sister charity, CALM Africa works within local communities supporting vulnerable children and their families affected by extreme poverty, HIV/AIDS, malaria and other illnesses and difficulties. Many of the children they care for have lost their parents as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and live in child-headed households (CHH). They also lobby to local and national Governments about children’s rights, to really affect change.

Set up in 2004, CALM Africa was established to help orphans and other vulnerable children through providing education and support within the community. It is very much a Ugandan organisation, providing employment to the local people and also generating much of their finance locally. CALM Africa works with local communities in identifying the needs of children and families and deriving solutions together. The organisation has particular expertise working in remote villages, supporting youth in the often difficult transition to adulthood and also on the specific needs of orphaned children. Through educating these children and providing social support, CALM Africa empower them to shape their own future and participate in the development of their communities.

The children CALM Africa work with are living in difficult, sometimes unimaginable conditions. They work to assist those children living in child-headed-households, street children, children-out-of-school and disabled children. Some children have lost their parents due to HIV/Aids. Where children are living with families in poverty, CALM Africa work with the parents or carers to improve their way of life.

Programmes we support

CALM Africa ‘s programmes of work span across a wide range of areas and activities. You can read more about CALM Africa, who they are and what they do in Uganda on their website here.

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At Children First Uganda we operate to support the continuation and improvement of CALM Africa’s work. We do this by offering advice for their operations and fundraising for their core costs and projects which form part of their education programmes or Community Outreach programmes.