Donate Through CFU

CFU helps CALM Africa in a variety of ways, but our biggest activity is raising funds for their work and projects to continue. It couldn’t be easier to donate through CFU.

Send a cheque

Make the cheque payable to ‘Children First Uganda’ and post it to us at ‘Anthony Bateman, Children First Uganda, 4 The Bell Field, Luckington, Chippenham, Wilts SN146GZ’.

Bank donations

Online bank payment or pay in a NatWest branchClick here to access CFU Bank details for online bank payments, or alternatively visit a NatWest branch.

Set up a standing order – to donate any amount on a regular basis please complete a standing order form ⇒ Standing Order Form.

Adding Gift Aid boosts your donation

UK taxpayers can opt to add Gift Aid to their donations by completing the following form ⇒ Gift Aid Form.

Post it to us at :-  Anthony Bateman, Children First Uganda, 4 The Bell Field, Luckington, Chippenham, Wilts SN146GZ.

Low overheads

Except for bank and credit card payment fees, we send all the money donated straight to CALM Africa. We are able to do this as Children First Uganda is run  by volunteers who give their time freely.

Free donations!

Yes, you read that correctly!
When doing online shopping, you can donate to us every time you make a purchase by registering for FREE with


Or with It costs you no more than the item you’re buying – a percentage of your purchase is donated by the retailer! Just go to for more information.

Which project do you want to support?

We receive two types of donations when fundraising for CALM Africa: unrestricted and restricted.

Please tell how what fund the donation is for, by email, phone or post. If we do not receive this information, then the donation will be placed in the ‘unrestricted fund’ and allocated to a CALM Africa programme by the agreement of the Trustees.

Unrestricted funds: 

Donations we provide to CALM Africa that are not attached to any specific project or piece of work. This funding is our most important means of helping CALM Africa as it allows us to allocate the funding where it is most needed at any given time. This may include ensuring CALM Africa staff are paid for the crucial work that they do, any maintenance and improvements of facilities or particular Outreach work. An on-going, general fund is essential for CALM Africa to operate and heavily supported by the activities of CFU.

Restricted funds: 

Project-specific donations, activities are often led by volunteers of CALM Africa. We always encourage volunteers to carry out fundraising activities for projects they have identified, provide them with advice and fundraising services. In an effort to ensure sustainable development, we advise volunteers on the viability of their project and, as far as possible, aim to support projects which are aligned with CALM Africa’s core activities and capacity.

If you’d like to discuss donations further or find out about current projects that need funding, please email or call Tony Bateman on 07826055303.