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  • Successful exam results for JMLC pupils
    A core programme of CALM Africa, which CFU funding helps to support, is education. A key pillar of child protection is quality education, keeping children safe in schools and giving them the skills to enrich their future. The Uganda National Examinations Board has released the 2016 Primary Leaving Examinations results. The results were received with excitement at JMLC, as the […]
  • CALM Africa visit the UK
    As we bring 2016 to a close, we reflect on the great work done across this year, the progress against our common goal of protecting children in Uganda, and the great friendships shared over many years through this. Journalist, Hillary, met with the CALM Africa team following their visit to the UK in August this year. Now we hear from their own words, what it has […]
  • CFU Chair’s update
    Last week was our AGM, Suzanne, our Chair gives a personal update of the meeting….. I flew out of Dundee last Friday in FlyBe’s purple Dornier propeller airplane, looking forward to attending Children First Uganda’s AGM the next day. I can’t quite believe that this will be our 8th AGM. However, I did know that this one would be rather special, […]
  • Enriched education
    ‘A child who has never travelled, will always think his mother is the best cook’, is a common saying among the locals. Despite Uganda being endowed with lots of unique animals, plants, birds, Great Rift Valley and other geographical features, few citizens have taken a travel-tour around the country. Jolly Mercy Learning Center, a primary school under CALM Africa, has […]
  • Meeting Martin
    Nurturing children, forging ahead and growing with CALM Africa Muheebwa Hillary spends some time getting to know one of CALM Africa’s staff, Martin Kateregga. This view from the inside shows the passion and dedication to their work and importance of their impact in the local community. He speaks quietly, and slowly. But within him lies a big passion and attachment to the […]
  • A CALM Africa volunteer’s experience
    Alice Brown from England is a volunteer visitor at CALM Africa in Uganda. In between class teaching on a break, she shares a few insights about herself and what brings her to visit. This is my first time in Uganda, though I have been in Kenya before. I wanted to visit somewhere else in Africa, and when I saw the […]
  • Loughborough University students return
    It has now become an annual activity that CALM Africa hosts students from Loughborough University on a field placement program. Earlier this year, in May, students again joined the team in Nangabo to volunteer as part of Loughborough Students Union Action during their Easter holiday. The visiting students work on one of the ongoing projects, however they are also interested […]
  • Using Radio to Advocate for Children’s Rights
    CALM Africa stands for Children’s Rights Advocacy and Lobby Mission. True to their name, CALM seeks opportunities to build awareness and using local radio has become a great platform for their campaigns. Muheebwa Hilary tells us what they’ve been up to lately… In an effort to expand the community outreach and child protection awareness programs, CALM Africa has started using […]
  • Mobile Clinic: Bringing Medical Care Closer to the Community
    Being in good health, you are able to prosper. In order to contribute to the prosperity of residents of Nangabo, CALM Africa brings medical care services closer to the community, bridging the medical access gap. CALM Africa believes in thinking big, starting small, but starting now. “CALM Africa has been running a community health outreach program for the last 10 […]
  • Improved sanitation, improved health & wellbeing
    Good hygiene, keeping our children safe, through improved sanitation at JMLC. A young boy wearing a green T-shirt with a Jolly Mercy Learning Centre label on his front emerges from a corridor. He goes on to a water dispenser to wash his hands with soap before running back to class. The corridor he emerged from leads to and from the […]
  • Jolly Mercy Learning Centre Improves on National Examinations Performance
    We are in that season when we celebrate results from last year’s national Primary Leaving Examinations, as they are released by Uganda National Examinations Board. And at Jolly Mercy Learning Centre, the celebrations are still on and being used to motivate this year’s candidates. “We had had 12 pupils of JMLC sit for Primary Leaving Examinations last year. Of these, […]
  • Household care takers – bringing home life to disadvantaged children
    Giving parental care to children is a step in nurturing tomorrow’s leaders. One elderly lady is on a mission to give disadvantaged children a second chance. On the sidelines of CALM Africa’s “Child Headed Household Care Takers” training at the organisation’s headquarters in Nangabo, Wakiso district, Jajja Nassali Noelene revealed her story: I am a resident of Masoli, in Kasangati, […]
  • Improving food security for families
    Family sufficiency kits are a key part of the Community Outreach programme. These kits include seeds and other farming materials. In our latest blog post, Hillary gives an account of the impact of this in life in Uganda. It’s break time at Jolly Mercy Learning Centre and a group of pupils has converged on the wire fence, all throwing grass […]
  • Empowering youth through crafts
    Our Ugandan journalist, Muheebwa Hillary, tells us of another initiative as part of CALM Africa’s Outreach work – youth apprenticeships in craft-making. The slum area of Kalerwe has one of the highest crime rates in Kampala city. Youth here spend day time in makeshift dingy houses chewing ghat, smoking marijuana, inhaling petrol or dosing off. When darkness falls, they waylay […]
  • Ride to prosperity
    CALM Africa’s initiative to ride youth out of poverty. The mid morning tropical sun is out, but he is not bothered as he takes cover under the mango tree shade, seated on his motorcycle. As two people emerge from a corner carrying a travel bag, he gets off the motorcycle quickly and stands up. Picking up his helmet, he beeps […]
  • Integrating Teachers into a School Environment
    The night’s darkness persists on at dawn. A dense cloud hovers over Wakiso district and the surroundings. Soon, the tropical skies let loose their waters. The rains pond the green grasses of Jolly-Mercy Learning Center’s compound and newly formed streams run off. A rain water harvesting tank is collecting its share from the roof. Students walk around the verandahs heading […]
  • Networking – helping CALM Africa grow
    Our new journalist, Muheebwa Hillary, talks about CALM Africa and the great growth they’ve seen over the years, from a Ugandan perspective. Read about CALM Africa’s achievements through working in collaboration and opening up new avenues, in the first of our ‘on the ground’ reports. The car’s shadow slides over the vegetation on the leeward side of the sun, as […]
  • A Great Meeting
    AGM usually stands for Annual General Meeting, the annual get-together the board is obliged to have to discuss our operations and deal with regulatory stuff. Sounds dull, huh. Well, with our directors and members living all over the UK, and one abroad, our AGM is the one time of year we all get together in one room to catch up, […]
  • Putting the fun in fundraising…
    This month we’ve got 2 volunteers running some fantastic activities to raise money for CALM Africa outreach work through CFU. Later in June, there will be two events full of fun for the family and fundraising for families in Uganda who need a helping hand. On Saturday 21st June, volunteer Sherry will be hosting the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party in […]
  • Loughborough University takes Action in Uganda
    Loughborough University’s Action volunteering programme gets their students involved in community activities in the UK and abroad. Last year, Loughborough Action gave students the opportunity to go to work in Uganda with CALM Africa for the first time. Last week, the second group of students returned from a 16 day placement with CALM Africa and we caught up with their project […]
  • Moore Water in Nangabo
    Safe water saves lives. Between 2012 and 2013 we turned this: into this, for around 100 families in the community and the children of Jolly Mercy Learning Centre. On Saturday 22nd March it was UN Water’s World Water Day. Causes, organisations and individuals spent the day hosting events and activities to raise awareness about worldwide water issues: lack of access […]
  • Charity chums – causes coming together
    CALM Africa stands for Children’s Rights Advocacy and Lobby Mission. Did you know that? That is the core message behind all of the work CALM Africa does. Through education, healthcare, social care, counselling, training and all the avenues of their work, it’s all promoting and actively improving the rights of children in Uganda. You are more than likely reading our […]