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How to help

Our mission is to raise both awareness and funds for CALM Africa, to ensure their fantastic work can continue. Money raised can be used to improve facilities, buy new equipment or fund community activities.

Together, we can not only improve the lives of Ugandan children living in extreme poverty now but create the chance for a better future, through education and sustainable interventions.

There are 3 main ways you can help our cause and help us make this difference.


Fundraising is our core activity to support CALM Africa’s programmes and projects. Even as little as £1 gives us an opportunity to do something to help a child who has little to nothing. You can donate as much and however is best for you. Click here to find out for full details of how to make donations and other ways you can donate money to CFU.

Sponsor a child

Education provides the best opportunity for a better future. Many of the children we help simply cannot get access to schooling. The child sponsorship programme helps us get these children into a CALM Africa school where they can receive essential learning and social development.

For more information about child sponsorship contact Tony Bateman by email at or by phone +44(0)7826055303.

Run a fundraising event

There are many different ways you can support the activities of CFU. One of the most valuable things you can give us is your time, to help progress the work we do.

A volunteer hosted a large tea party in Bournemouth
A volunteer hosted a large tea party in Bournemouth

Some of our amazing supporters have run their own activities to raise funding and build awareness of our cause. From climbing Ben Nevis, to tea parties, pub quizzes, to sky diving. There are many things they have done, and many more things you can do. The CFU team are here to help you in organising your activities and provide fundraising tools.

Isle of Wight challenge

We’re always looking for more supporters to run their own fundraising events. If you’ve got a great idea or would like to discuss any initiatives.

Please email and we’ll be happy to help!