Mobile Clinic: Bringing Medical Care Closer to the Community

Mobile Clinic: Bringing Medical Care Closer to the Community

Being in good health, you are able to prosper. In order to contribute to the prosperity of residents of Nangabo, CALM Africa brings medical care services closer to the community, bridging the medical access gap.

CALM Africa believes in thinking big, starting small, but starting now.

“CALM Africa has been running a community health outreach program for the last 10 years. This program is as a result of a 7-in-1 therapy that we have developed,” explains CALM Africa’s Director as a team of medics attend to community members in the organization’s compound.

“The 7-in-1 therapy looks at the natural means which can easily enhance one’s life. Whereby people can depend on nature and nutrition to improve life and even prevent many diseases. This therapy involves counseling, nutrition, herbal, use and importance of water, exercise, meditation and spirituality. We teach our community members to apply this therapy,” adds director James Ssekiwanuka.

However, when all this fails, CALM Africa highly encourages community members to visit the nearest medical center, for a medical checkup and treatment.

“We have a mobile clinic, and nurses working with JMLC. To do community sensitization, we seek permission from the in-charge of Kasangati Health Centre IV to give us extra nurses to go to the field and serve the community. This is called Community Based Health Care, whereby community members are called and sensitized on how to prevent curable diseases like malaria and about sanitation,” explains the director.

The mobile clinic medical team visits the community regularly. On every trip, the team attends to between 100 to 200 patients, including women and children.

“The team, along with other professional organisations, goes to do immunisations, nutritional advice, HIV/AIDS testing and checkups. We then make quick referrals for those cases that cannot be handled by this mobile clinic team. The mobile clinic covers Nangabo and Kira. Most of the population in this area can be categorized as a peri-urban.


CALM Africa has a grand plan of constructing a 3 storied building to provide health services. This health centre will be very well equipped to attend to medical needs of the surrounding Nangabo community and the entire region. However, we shall continue with the mobile clinic and outreach program until this aim becomes viable and beyond; every person cannot at always make it to the health centre.

We have secured one full acre of land on which this medical facility shall be based. We have now embarked on the second phase of drawing an architectural plan. This is being done concurrently with writing proposals for funding and support. In the due course we shall say more about the proposed Health Facility.


by Muheebwa Hillary